Gym bag essentials to ensure smooth workout session

It is important to maintain a proper gym bag to help you carry out your exercise routine without any hassle and get closer to your fitness goal, say experts.

Sobhanjan Mallick, Fashion Curator at Roposo, and Arushi Verma, Co-Founder, FITPASS, have shared a lowdown on gym bag essentials.

* Foam rollers make for an inexpensive, super-versatile piece of equipment that can be included in your daily workout regimen. Simple and effective, this self-massage device comes in different types such as the grid, black foam roller and firm rumble roller.

* Fitness armbands are in demand in the market, as they help to keep your smart phone safe and secure. While buying a band, ensure that it is compatible with your phone. Available in different colours, weight and patterns, choose the one that is stretch and water-resistant.

* Don’t forget weight-lifting gloves: If you regularly indulge in weight-lifting exercises, then you may know how important it is to protect your grip. Your hands require an extra layer of protection to avoid the strain and be able to push your limits.

Look for firm-gripped gloves that will wick the moisture efficiently and are perfect for your fingers to grip weights.

* Remember to pack some breathable, well-fitted clothing especially when you have decided to hit the gym after your office hours.

* A workout log is absolutely essential to keeping yourself up to date with your progress. Use your workout journal to record sets, reps, weights, and rest.

* If you want to keep real-time tabs on your progress every step of the way, keep a quality heart rate monitor in your gym bag. You can use this during cardio and lifting sessions to monitor your heartbeat and stay in the desired zone.