Gypsy Travel Festival to start on Saturday (Lead, correcting first paragraph)

The first edition of the travel festival Gypsy Travel Festival 2017 is set to enthrall Mumbaikars starting on January 28.

The two-day festival, which is being hosted by High Street Phoenix, will be a potpourri of travel, culture and street food from around the world, read a statement.

Besides food stalls from different corners of the world, including Fiji, Malaysia and Canada, world tourism and international tour companies will be putting up stalls to help you out in planning your travel plans for the year.

“Despite the limitations of the Indian passport, we have travelled the length and breadth of the planet and wanted other fellow Indian travel enthusiasts to be able to experience the same. We want Gypsy Travel Festival 2017 to springboard a new generation of travellers into having unique personal travel experiences themselves,” Nelson Noronha, Co-founder of Gypsy Travel Network said.

Fiji Tourism will showcase Meke, a traditional dance performance.

Gypsy Travel Festival 2017 will host interactive sessions with Sumer Verma (underwater photographer), Rohit Subramanium (biker who has travelled across India) and international bloggers.

The festival will also encompass other entertainment avenues such as virtual reality tours, short films, cultural and thematic performances, live music and a vast array of street food from all corners of the globe.


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