TV anchor, satirist and comedian Cyrus Broacha says while performing stand up comedy live one needs to be aware with judgements and not hurt someone’s sentiments.

Asked what is more tough — performing live or in front of the camera, Cyrus told IANS: “If you love comedy — it just comes to you naturally! It isn’t tough then. But yes definitely when it comes to a live performance you have to be more aware, with your judgement, not to hurt anyone’s sentiments and that can be a little tricky.

“You have to come up with a lot of humour on the spot, but that’s also fun,” Cyrus added.

Cyrus was here on Sunday along with Kunal Vijayakar, a food writer and television personality for a live comedy show titled “40 Shades Grey (Hair)”.

“It’s good to watch the audience laughing out loud as you perform,” he concluded.