Hollywood craving for a strong female protagonist, says Ruby Rose

Actress Ruby Rose says she often feels there is a need for a strong “kicka**” female protagonists in Hollywood.

The actress also feels that her forthcoming film “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” fills this void of female-driven roles in many ways.

“One thing I love about ‘Resident Evil…’ is I feel like often Hollywood is craving a female, kicka** protagonist who isn’t always relying on a man; one who isn’t there just as the sidekick to a male super hero or the wife to a male lead,” Rose said in a statement.

She added: “It’s got to be a female-driven role and there are not many of them, and then you kind of scratch your head looking for one, and then realise that there’s been one all along.”

Talking about her film, she said: “Milla (Jovovich) has been doing this for so many years, and she’s so much like her character, in real life she’s an independent, strong, and inspiring woman, and I think that’s got to be a huge reason why people really love the franchise.”

“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” is sixth installment of the “Resident Evil” series, based on the video game by the same name. The Sony Pictures Entertainment film is set to hit Indian theaters on February 3.


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