Hollywood producers vow to combat sexual harassment

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Producers Guild of America (PGA) came together under one roof and vowed at their annual conference here to combat sexual harassment in the industry.

The conference took place on Saturday.

Discussions of mechanisms for allowing victims of sexual harassment to come forward, the drive for greater inclusion of women and persons of colour, and the need for clear guidelines for behaviour on film and TV sets were the topics adressed at the conference, reports variety.com.

“We all, as producers, have to stop and do something a little different,” said Lori McCreary, who heads Revelations Entertainment and is co-president of PGA with Gary Lucchesi.

McCreary and other speakers emphasised the importance of bringing more women and persons of colour into the industry as a means of battling discrimination in all its forms.

The PGA is working with the Directors Guild of America, the Writers Guild of America, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the Television Academy to develop a framework to encourage people who experience harassment and discrimination to lodge complaints without fear of reprisal.


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