Hosting crime-based show is emotionally draining: Mohnish Bahl

Actor Mohnish Bahl, who will soon be seen on “Hoshiyaar…Sahi Waqt, Sahi Kadam”, says hosting a TV show based on crime is “emotionally draining”.

This is not the first time that Mohnish is associated with a crime-based show. He earlier featured in “Savdhaan India”, which was a retelling of real life crimes.

Talking about working in such shows, Mohnish told IANS: “It’s emotionally draining because what you’re dealing is negative incidents. The previous crime show I did was based on true stories, so it was even more emotionally draining.”

The 55-year-old actor says “Hoshiyaar…Sahi Waqt, Sahi Kadam”, to be aired on &TV, is different.

“It shows the process leading up to the crime which is averted by the alertness of the protagonist. So, this is a very positive take on and otherwise a negative umbrella of crime, where you can avert the crime. It becomes very interactive for me as a host as well for the audience,” he added.

Mohnish says he signed up for the show was because he likes the concept.

The actor hopes it helps in creating awareness about various types of crime, and helps in reducing the crime rate in the country.

“That’s what the intent of the channel and the creative team is — to bring awareness in the day-to-day living manner, so that people become more alert and aware. And then, citizens don’t let things pass by then,” he said.

Mohnish says regular citizens do not have an “analytical eye of an investigating officer”.

“But maybe this sort of thing (show) will bring on a certain awareness and that hopefully could result in crimes not taking place,” he added.


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