Actress Lea Michele says she is really happy with where her life is going.

“Beauty I think, comes from the happiness within. And I’m really happy with my life right now. I’ve never thankfully had a period where I had an unhealthy relationship with my body or food,” Michele said.

“But just the fact that I went from being someone who casually worked out to now someone who really works out, I think is the biggest accomplishment of the year,” Michele said.

The “Glee” star, who was in a relationship with her co-star Cory Monteith before his tragic death in 2013, credits her family and friends for her happiness, reports

During an interview with the “Entertainment Tonight”, the “Scream Queens” actress said: “I think for me right now… I just turned 30, I love my job, I have the greatest friends, such an incredibly family. What’s not to be so happy and grateful for'”