I’m validated: Rose McGowan on Weinstein’s indictment

Actress Rose McGowan, one of the first in Hollywood to go public with claims of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, says she feels “validated” as the “monster” has been indicted on sex-crime charges.

McGowan took to Instagram to respond to Weinstein’s indictment with a trailer for her E! show “Citizen Rose” as well as a lengthy post, reports pagesix.com.

The post started with: “Indicted. Finally. I’ve been indicted by the media he’s bought out for years to trash me.”

She further wrote: “Who I am has been told to the world for me in magazines, newspapers, blogs, videos, tabloids. The narrative of me-my story-has been sold to you as a work of fiction. The media often cuts you when they can, especially if they’ve been paid off to – the journalists and reporters who are safe in their cubicles and do not have to drown in your tears or see the bruises. All they see is numbers. Views. Ratings.

“And all you were told is that I was a horror show. Someone damaged. Someone off-kilter. Someone not right. Luckily, many worldwide saw through this fiction, sadly, far more continue to hound me with this false narrative without realising that every evil thing they repeat about me means they are doing the work of a rapist.”

McGowan concluded by saying: “Now that the Monster aka Harvey Weinstein – has turned himself in I’m ‘validated’. I have always spoken the truth. I know what I have achieved to change the world.”


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