Immediate spoof shows ‘Half Girlfriend’ trailer powerful: Arjun Kapoor

With a spoof review of the trailer of his forthcoming film “Half Girlfriend” flooding the internet, actor Arjun Kapoor on Wednesday said the prompt rollout of the video demonstrates the trailer is powerful enough to have warranted an immediate spoof.

He said makers of the video actually helped promote the film without the actors having to do anything.

“Normally what happens is when a film releases, then people start creating spoofs or having opinions. We are actually very lucky these people helped us promote our film without us having to do anything. That shows how powerful our trailer happened to be that it needed a spoof immediately,” Arjun told the media here when asked on his views on the video.

Elaborating on Fitoor Mishra’s commentary on the “Half Girlfriend” trailer, which essentially dissects the clip, Arjun said his film’s trailer was “relevant and contextual” for the makers.

“That’s so relevant and contextual for them to be able to create material out of it. They are using us to have fun, making fun of us but what they are actually doing for us is promoting our film. So thank you for it,” he said taking a dig at the makers.

Asked on his take on having half girlfriends or half boyfriends, the “2 States” actor clarified the notion of the film is not frivolous.

“I would like to clarify that the concept is not to have many half girlfriends or many half boyfriends… It’s not something that’s frivolous. I would like to tell the youth of today that its not like you can go and ask a girl ‘be my half girlfriend’. The film is not intended to be that and the trailer doesn’t signify that,” the 31-year-old actor said.

“She (Shraddha Kapoor’s character) is not asking me out ‘be my half boyfriend’. It’s an emotional situation. It’s a relationship where some people go beyond friendship. Having a half girlfriend is not a good thing, it’s unfortunate,” he said.

Referring to actor Ranveer Singh‘s calling himself the latter’s “half girlfriend”, Arjun dubbed Ranveer a “brother for life”.

“Half Girlfriend” is inspired from author Chetan Bhagat’s book of the same name. It also stars Shraddha Kapoor. Directed by Mohit Suri, the film will release on Friday.


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