Impress your man with your sense of style

You don’t have to dress in skimpy clothes to get your man’s attention. A well-ironed shirt, denims and heels can do the trick, says an expert.

Designer Hardika Gulati has rolled out few tips to help you up fashion quotient.

*Denim rules: Wear plain blue denims with a crisp white shirt and you are good to go. When in doubt, always wear denims. There are ample options to explore right from denim rompers, shorts to jackets, capri and shirts.

*Say yes to formals: It doesn’t matter how effortlessly you rocked the ‘rugged jeans and black leather jacket’ look, nothing can beat a formal attire. A well-ironed shirt, perfectly tucked into a sleek pencil skirt with heels will definitely steal the attention of your man.

*Heels for a charismatic persona: High heels have something that even the most stylish dresses don’t. Wear heels with plain denim and you are high on style quotient instantly.

From wedges to stilettos, pumps, or kitten heels, there is a lot to explore. Depending upon your date, wear your heels effortlessly and steal all the attention.

*Solid colours:Solid colours bring all the attention to your personality. Deep red coloured gown or perfect white maxi dress looks amazing and exude confidence and a strong persona.

*Clothes that fit well: Always wear clothes that fit you well. Don’t wear loose clothes to hide that tummy or flabby arms, similarly, too tight clothes accentuate your flaws. It is better to wear clothes of your size and fit. A perfectly tailored trousers and nicely fitted blouse looks wonderful irrespective of your size.

*Don’t overdo it: Just like under-dressing, over-dressing is a fashion fiasco. In an attempt to impress your man, don’t try and wear all your best clothing pieces at the same time.


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