International plans for Indian leather brand Nappa Dori

Gautam Sinha, the brain behind homegrown luxury handmade leather brand Nappa Dori, says after coming out with a warehouse, it is only logical to step into the international market.

“We just opened our first concept store called the Nappa Dori warehouse, which is an experiential retail space with a proper cafe ‘Cafe Dori’ along with our signature retail experience. I feel the next logical step for us would be to take this brand international and see how we are placed in the international market,” Sinha told IANS.

“We are always experimenting with new products and materials, so soon, we would be coming up with some amazing new home decor products which we are really excited about, along with a new category we call ‘Objects by Nappa Dori’,” he added.

Talking about the leather market in India, Sinha, who collaborated with Chivas Regal to design ‘Chivas Nappa Dori limited edition pack’, said: “The Indian leather industry has always been pretty robust in the export part.”

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“The fact that old leather goods are getting a lot more resale value and second hand leather goods market is seeing a surge, is something to look out for. It has always been like this abroad, with people appreciating vintage, and buying second hand goods, but to have the same in India, is something new. I feel it’s something to look out for,” Sinha said.

On the association with Chivas Regal, Sinha said: “We have been working with the brand for over the past two years on a number of things, and the talk has been on for a while to create something which is away from the usual take on how cases are done.

“The fact that they chose us to design a Limited Edition case, and moved away from the usual suspects ‘fashion designer’ and gave a product design brand like ours a chance, says a lot about how they view the changing landscape in India and how design is not just limited to fashion anymore.”

The limited edition packs, as Sinha puts it, evoke a sense of nostalgia with contemporary products.


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