I’ve a great connection with Indians: Brazilian dancing star

Brazilian B-boying talent Pelézinho says he loves visiting India for its culture and history, and he feels a great connection with the people too.

Pelézinho was in India to judge Red Bull BC One 2017 India Champion, held over the weekend, along with Wing and South Korean B-Boy star Differ. The winner, Flying Machine, will represent India at the Red Bull BC One World Finals in Amsterdam in November.

“I really love to come to India. I get a lot of respect and I love the culture, history and the people. I have a great connection with Indians,” Pelézinho told IANS over an email.

Pelézinho, whose real name is Alex José Gomes Eduardo, came into the limelight at the Red Bull BC One World Final 2005 in Berlin. He began dancing in his teens and his style is inspired by elements of Brazilian dance culture.

The dancing star says he “started breaking in 1996” and it changed his life.

“I live in Brazil and today I am in India. My dream when I was young, was to play football but I am not that good at it. Dance gave me a lot of opportunities,” he added.

Pelézinho says B-boying is ever evolving.

“Over my experience, from the beginning to present, I saw basics evolving into different, cool and creative new moves. It keeps on adding to it, there’s no stop to it. The evolution – B-Boying culture started ages ago. There were different people with different/various moves and creative minds, so it kept evolving. You can surely say it’s a dynamic dance form,” Pelézinho said.

Talking about the growth of B-boying in India, Pelézinho said: “It is really special because for the first time I came to India in 2009. I see a good start for the B-Boys and B-Girls in the country. They give the needed support and right information to each other about B-boying. It’s difficult to compare as all countries are different from each other in many ways. In India the number of events and opportunities are growing.”


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