I’ve had a miscarriage: Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia Banks has revealed over Facebook that she recently suffered a miscarriage.

Banks shared the news with her fans on Tuesday, reports usmagazine.com.

“So I’ve just had a really major life event happen and I want to talk about it because this wouldn’t be an Azealia Banks page without loads of over sharing right'” Banks wrote.

“Any who, I’ve just had a miscarriage and am pretty taken aback by it all and really confused and in shock and guilty and a bit depressed and like a failure and very ashamed,” she added.

Banks later urged her fans to share words of wisdom regarding the topic, as a way to heal.

“The self-loathing bit is a real struggle for me at the moment so share any words here. They will be greatly appreciated,” she added.

Later in the afternoon, Banks, who was last linked to actor Jesse Bradford in 2015, followed up with a plea to spark a dialogue about her relatable ordeal.

“This is a women’s health issue that many others may or may not be able to relate to. Please don’t f**k up an opportunity for clear, open and beneficial discourse between women,” she said.

When a follower suggested that she should stop revealing personal details to the public, Banks replied: “I’m fine. Obviously not every women has had a miscarriage and that coupled with the fact that my psychiatrist is a male… No one else in my family has had that and reading accounts on the web isn’t enough.”


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