Jazz up your home with decor trends

Home is where your heart is — so why not jazz up your abode with décor trends that are going to grab eyeballs in 2018.

Punam Kalra, Creative Director at decor brand I’m, The Centre for Applied Arts, has shortlisted some décor trends for 2018.

* Curved sofas: Penetration of urban housing patterns, curved sofas seem to be very current and a nice alternative to the usual L-shaped seating designs especially for curved spaces. They part a room beautifully, look great from every angle, and take in the shape of the space well. They also add a great look to a rectangular room.

* Monochrome spaces: Tone on tone is an easy and eloquent way to do the wall and furniture, although it does take a lot of discipline. The designing needs to be anticipated keeping the entire space in mind. Use tonal shades that provide depth to the room. Red and fuchsia tones come out with a sophisticated finish.

* Pantone colour of the year: This year Ultraviolet colour is going to rule the spaces and everything else around. Be its extensive use in drapery, linen, or upholstery fabrics, the colour will be leaving a trendy crush over the hues and interior complements. However, it would be great to combine it up with deep reds and burnt yellows.

* Abstract geometric art: Strong geometries with subtle or bold colours would be quite the trend. These can be used very selectively in lounges and study and personal office spaces.

* Bold floral prints: Again bold florals with distressed wood finishes will make a brilliant statement, very warm and inviting — these would look great in bedrooms and lounges.

Deepak Whorra, Director at decor brand The Episode, too has some trends to share.

* Celebrations are focused on the “bar” which is decorated with contemporary ice buckets and wine coolers. To light up any celebrations, revellers use tea lights with cut outs that cast myriad shadows and reflection.

* Also, candle stands are great accessories for decor.

* Happiness is reflected in bright flowers in shining flower vases that complete the decor of the New Year Party.

* Cheese platters/knives complement decorative wine goblets.