Jennifer Lawrence embarrasses Chris Pratt

Actress Jennifer Lawrence embarrassed Chris Pratt on the set of “Passengers” by blaming him for her girly scream.

The 26-year-old actress left her co-star red-faced when she let out a “high-pitched” scream after a light bulb exploded, and she blamed it on him, reports

“We were sitting in our chairs waiting for the next shot and a big set light bulb exploded nearby and she screamed. High pitched. Very feminine. Then she immediately looked over at me and said, ‘Jesus Chris! You scream like a woman! Did everyone just hear Chris” and for the rest of the shoot I couldn’t convince anyone it wasn’t me. I just had to own it,” said Pratt.

The 37-year-old also joked that he is terrified of starting work on the “Jurassic World” sequel and fears he may not make it through the movie alive.

“It’s amazing I made it out alive. The sequel shoots in a few months. I already have nervous diahrea, diarreah, diarreeah, how the f**k do you spell that’ Anyways. Yeah. I’m probably gonna die on the sequel,” he said.


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