Jhoomar song my tribute to brave Rajput women: Bhansali

Seeing the amazing grace that Deepika Padukone brings to the “Jhoomar” song in “Padmavati”, it is evident that the number did not just happen in the routine way that filmy choreographic songs go.

It so happens that one of the most accomplished Jhoomar dancers of Rajasthan Jyothi D. Tommaar was on sets to make sure that Deepika performed the dance form with the understated grace that it deserves.

A source from Sanjay Leela Bhansali productions says: “We wanted to retain absolute authenticity of the Jhoomar. Deepika had to perform the subtle and intricate dance form not the way it is shown in our films but the way royalty performs it.”

“In addition to the routine choreographers we got Jyothi Tommaar a true and disciplined exponent of the Jhoomar who has taught the dance form to the Rajmata of Kishangarh.”

Deepika spent 12 days rehearsing the Jhoomar number and four days actually performing it on camera. About 60 chorus dancers, all trained Jhoomar exponents, performed alongside Deepika.

The result is spectacular beyond belief.

Movie director Sanjay Bhansali says: “We wanted the ‘Jhoomar’ to retain its purity since this was being performed by Rani Padmavati. Every step and every move in the dance form celebrates the royal grace of royalty. This is our dance tribute to the brave Rajput women of Rajasthan.”

By Subhash K. Jha


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