Joanna Krupa ordered to produce gynaecology records

Model Joanna Krupa has been ordered by a Florida judge to hand over years of her personal gynaecological records in her legal battle against TV personality Brandi Glanville.

Krupa has demanded $2 million in punitive damages over Glanville’s comments about her “smelly” lady parts and her alleged affair with Mohamed Hadid, reports

According to the court filings, the judge will review the records to determine if they are relevant to the case.

The battle has been ongoing for several months as the two parties participate in the “discovery phase of the lawsuit”, with both sides providing the court with documents to support their respective case.

Glanville insisted Krupa produce her “Real Housewives of Miami” contract, medical records, tax returns and other financial information.

On January 25, a hearing was held in Miami Court where the judge sided with Glanville and ordered Krupa to hand over both her gynaecological records from 2000 to 2005, and her “Real Housewives of Miami” contract.

She will also have to hand over all communications with Lisa Vanderpump, Mohamed Hadid and Andy Cohen as it relates to the case.

Their legal battle first started in January 2015 after comments Glanville made in a November 2013 interview on TV show “Watch What Happens Live”.

Glanville told viewers that Krupa had an adulterous relationship with Yolanda Foster’s then husband, Mohamed Hadid, and also claimed that her vagina smelled.

Krupa claimed that Glanville’s comments caused her emotional distress and damaged her reputation by labelling her as someone who slept with a married man.


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