Kamal Haasan visits Ennore Creek

A day after tweeting about the risk of a flood in North Chennai, actor Kamal Haasan on Saturday visited the Ennore Creek and spoke to the residents.

Residents living near Ennore Creek were surprised to see the star visit their locality along with few environmentalists and social activists.

Haasan, who is planning to launch a political party, also spoke to the residents and heard their problems.

Haasan on Friday voiced his concern on the environmental impact due to the dumping of the ash waste by power plants in river Kosasthalaiyar and also warned about possible flooding of north Chennai.

In a series of tweets, Haasan said that the Vallur Thermal Plant and North Chennai Thermal Plant are dumping their ash waste in the river, and cited expert opinion to warn that north Chennai would get flooded even during normal rains.

He also noted that the forecast now is more than normal rainfall which, in turn, puts at risk 10 lakh people in that area.

The actor said a good government should find a permanent solution for the problems faced by the people.

Haasan also warned the government and the people that it would be dangerous for Chennai if the Ennore Creek is ignored.


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