Kashmir’s beauty is Rohit Bal’s driving force at work

Ace fashion designer Rohit Bal, known for his intricate and elaborate designs with lotus and peacock motifs, says that the beauty of Kashmir always influences his work and it has become a part of his genetic structure.

“The beauty and passion of Kashmir have always been the driving force behind my work and artistry. Everything that I do has Kashmir in it; it is ingrained in my genes now. It’s a part of my genetic structure so no matter what I do, it will have a bit of Kashmir in it,” Bal told IANS here.

He added: “Subconsciously, sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it. But it’s all Kashmir coming out somewhere or the other. When you are influenced so greatly, so intensely and for such a long time by a certain kind of beauty that will transform or come out of you somewhere or the other. For me, it comes out in my work.”

The designer, who is set to showcase a new collection at the`Van Heusen and GQ Fashion Nights 2016′ on Sunday here, said: “I am presenting a very contemporary classic menswear collection. This collection has a modern appeal with a slight deviation from the wedding wear. I have incorporated plenteous Indian techniques on western silhouettes. The collection has an interesting mix of casual, evening and occasion wear.”

As it is a winter collection, he has played around with varied textures and layering techniques. “The collection can be aptly called ‘bohemian chic funk’,” added the designer, who is a regular follower of GQ, a men’s magazine.

Who can match up the ‘GQ’ factor in Bollywood’

Bal said: “Arjun Rampal has it all to be called as the epitome of GQ. Ranveer Singh is my another favourite, who is also very ‘GQ’ in his whimsical mad way. Lastly, I find Rahul Khanna extremely stylish and suave and hence, he goes on the list too.”

Indian menswear fashion is constantly changing and men are becoming more open to experimental fashion than before. What’s his opinion on the change’

He said: “In today’s times, menswear fashion is being more applaudable than the womenswear fashion. It is all about being contemporary, adventurous, free-spirited and liberal. It has got a new avatar and is out of the orthodox. The growth is dramatic and progressive, and is surely to reach new heights from here.”


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