‘Keshava’ made me a different person: Actor Nikhil

Actor Nikhil Siddhartha, who plays a character with a rare Dextrocardia disorder in forthcoming Telugu revenge thriller “Keshava”, says the experience made him feel like a very different person through the course of the shoot.

In the film, he plays a character whose heart is on the right side of the body.

“The character is such that I can’t get excited or angry or even emotional. It will affect my heart. I had to hold this thought and act accordingly. It wasn’t easy because it made me feel like a different person altogether,” Nikhil told IANS.

The film’s story and the opportunity to reunite with director Sudheer Varma after “Swamy Ra Ra” got Nikhil excited about the project.

“There was an actor called Satya in ‘Swamy Ra Ra’. His brother suffers from this rare medical condition, which inspired Sudheer to write this story. When Sudheer told me the story is about a guy suffering from this rare condition and yearning for revenge, it really got me excited,” he said.

Did he have to talk to Satya’s brother to understand his condition better’

“I didn’t have to meet him. I created my own version of the character. I understood that people suffering from such condition are very delicate and can’t exert themselves too much,” he said, adding that the film is an action thriller where the action scenes are injected with realism.

Asked if he is confident about the film’s release amidst the “Baahubali 2” storm at the box office, he said the film’s distributors are sure.

“We were planning to push the film to June. But our distributors were very confident with the product and they insisted that we come on May 19. Ours will be a solo release and that will be added advantage,” he added.


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