Kit Harington lost virginity when he was too young

“Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington says he was too young when he lost his virginity.

Harington talked about his personal life in an interview to Elle Magazine, reports

Harington, who essays the role of Jon Snow in the popular TV fantasy drama series, opened up when the interviewer asked him about the time he lost his virginity as compared to when his on-screen character.

In the series, Jon Snow breaks his oath of celibacy with Ygritte, who was played by Harington’s real life girlfriend Rose Leslie.

“(My first time) was a little less left-field than in a cave. It was a typical sort of teenage thing, at a party. I was probably too young,” Harington said.

He added: “I think the girl and I just kind of wanted to. You either hold on and do it right, or you’re young and decide to get the monkey off your back.”

Harington refrained from divulging the exact age.

When the interviewer guessed 13, the star said that the guess was “not far off”.

The season seven of “Game of Thrones” is due back on Star World Premiere HD in India later this year.


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