‘Kolayuthir Kaalam’ to be shot on 8K resolution

Actress Nayanthara’s upcoming Tamil thriller “Kolayuthir Kaalam”, which will be directed by Chakri Toleti, is to be shot on 8K resolution, making it one of the first Indian films to use the technology.

8K, a successor of 4K, is the highest ultra high definition (UHD) resolution in digital television and film restoration and is 16 times detailed than any current resolution.

“Getting ready to shoot ‘Kolayuthir Kaalam’ with my new EPIC-W camera. One of the first Indian films shot at 8K resolution,” Toleti wrote on his Twitter page on Monday.

Tipped to be an invasion thriller, the film is said to be loosely based on Hollywood’s recent indie hit, “Rush”.

The film will be jointly produced by Vashu Bhagnani, Deepshikha Deshmukh and Yuvan Shankar Raja, who will also double up as the composer.


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