Kourtney, Scott Disick ‘will never be back together’

Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian is determined to move on from her former partner Scott Disick, and says they will “never get back together”.

In the May 14 episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kourtney branded Disick as “disrespectful” as he confessed to Kourtney and her family that he is a “sex addict”, reports people.com.

It all started when Kris Jenner and her daughters — Kim, Kourtney and Khloe — confronted Disick for going behind their backs and bringing a woman on their family trip to Costa Rica.

Disick said he was just “trying to move on” from Kourtney.

However, she said: “On a family vacation, don’t you think it’s inappropriate and disrespectful’ To me, to your kids and to all my family’ There’s a level of respect and appropriateness that should just be known, but apparently it’s not.”

“I’m a sex addict. I’m a f****d up, horrible sex addict,” Disick later said.

Later, Khloe dumped a glass of water over Disick and walked off.

“Scott’s so lucky, because I am the coolest baby mama on the planet,” said Kourtney, who has three children with Disick.

“The stuff that he’s done and I still allow him to come on our family trips’ … I just feel like I need to have a conversation with him just to finally say we will never be back together. It’s probably better for both of us,” she concluded.


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