Mariah Carey needed permission to go out

Singer Mariah Carey had to get permission to go out and feared she would be “haunting the house dead” during her marriage to music executive Tommy Mottola.

Carey, who was married to Mottola from 1993 to 1997, says she was “not encouraged to go on tour” and instead advised to “make records” during the early part of her career.

Speaking on her TV show “Mariah’s World”, she said her relationship with her record label boss saw her lose “control” over her own life, reports

“I was with someone at the time that had a lot of control over my life. He was older than me by a lot and had a lot of power and they wanted me to remain away from most people, like sequestered,” Carey said.

“It was seriously…I had to get permission to leave,” she added.

Asked what it was like to be “locked in a house” like that, Carey said that she felt she would be in there “haunting the house dead”.

“I never thought I would get out of there,” Carey said.


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