Matter of perspective: Ronit Roy on playing grey characters

Actor Ronit Roy, who was last seen on screen in the third instalment of the political thriller “Sarkar” franchise, says it may come across that he mostly dabbles in roles that have grey shades, but it’s mostly about how people perceive it.

Asked what attracts him to dark content, Ronit told IANS over phone from Mumbai: “Nothing really. I am doing a film called ‘Munna Micheal’ where even the dark characters in the film are bright… I’m doing ‘Lucknow Central’. I am playing the role of a jailer. According to me, the character is exactly the way he should be.

“He is right in his thinking, but people might find him a villain. It’s a matter of perspective. As far as dark characters are concerned, I think people kind of see me in that light.”

The 51-year-old says that every individual has shades of grey in them.

“There are a few scripts that have come to me which are not dark. Having said that, every person has a little bit of light and shade in them… That’s human personality. I think black and white can be boring… Grey is quite interesting. There are many more shades of grey than whites and blacks,” he said.


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