Max Greenfield has kissed Jake Johnson the most

Actor Jake Johnson says his “New Girl” co-star Max Greenfield has kissed him more than any girl he ever dated.

Johnson talked about his chemistry with Greenfield during a conversation with anchor-producer Ryan Seacrest, read a statement.

“I have been kissed the most by Max in six seasons then I have been kissed by any girl I have ever dated,” Johnson said.

To that, Greenfield added: “Yeah at first the reactions from you were really aggressive you would push me away or hit me and now when it happens and a lot of the times it’s in the script, he just kind of goes with it, he’s accepted it and that’s it’s a part of the show.”

Johnson and Greenfield are seen as close friends and roommates in “New Girl” – season six of which is aired in India on Star World and Star World HD.

Talking about shooting of kissing scenes for the show, Greenfield said: “I have been trying to do a lot of improv on the show and I would just go and kiss him and they would think please stop that’s inappropriate and they would never put it in the show, they finally put it in after the seventh time we had done it on the show.”


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