Men treated like showpieces in TV shows: Neeraj

Actor Neeraj Bharadwaj, who played Chirag Modi in the popular show “Saath Nibhana Saathiya”, says nowadays only women are given importance in serials and men are made to stand like showpieces.

Neeraj is excited about acting in films like “Wafa 2” and “Shaadi Ke Baad Love Marriage”. He will also feature in a Marathi and a Malayalam movie.

So has he decided to quit acting in TV shows’

Neeraj said in a statement: “These days, only women are given importance in serials and men are relegated to sidelines and made to stand like showpieces. Their (men’s) tracks are seen occasionally and by and large they are reduced to just being space fillers.”

“While the producer blames the channels, the channels blame the producers. If they feel that only women can contribute to serials, why cast actors like us’ After all, how can an actor get satisfaction if he does not get meaty roles’ Money isn’t everything.”

He believes that once a show concludes, the audience forgets its actors.

“But even if you do one good scene in a film, people will remember you forever as an actor. Hence, I am now doing more films. If I get a good and challenging role in a TV serial, I will do it. But I will not do a TV serial only to make money.”


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