Miranda Kerr exfoliates her skin with sand

Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she always exfoliates her skin with sand when she is on the beach.

Speaking to vogue.com about her beauty hacks, Kerr said: “Australians really like that clean, healthy, fresh skin, and slightly underdone tousled hair. (We) embrace natural beauty. And I feel like that’s reflective of the active lifestyle and being (outdoors).

“When I am home in Australia, I go for a swim in the ocean, and after getting out of that salty water, I’ll go on the shoreline and scrub my skin with the sand.”

And when the fashion icon is not near the salty ocean she will run a bath filled with baking soda and sea salt in a bid to cleanse her body of any toxins, which she feels helps her cure any jet lag too, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“Another thing I do is take a bath. I make it super hot and I put a pound of baking soda and a pound of sea salt and that draws (the toxins) out of your body,” she said.


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