My film titles have great recall value: Vijay Antony

Actor Vijay Antony, who awaits the release of “Saithan”, says he prefers choosing odd titles for his films because he believes they have great recall value and are easily available.

“Most of my film titles are odd and have negative connotations, hence considered bad omens to the industry. Honestly, I don’t believe in these rumours and I choose such titles because they have great recall value,” Vijay told IANS.

“Saithan” means devil, and his last outing “Pichaikkaran”, which translates to a beggar, was a box office hit.

Apart from the fact that the titles of his films have a great ring, he said they’re easily available.

“My film titles are easy to remember as they have a nice ring to them. Importantly, nobody dares to use such titles, and therefore, they’re easily available,” he said.

“Saithan” releases in cinemas worldwide. This is the fourth time in his career Vijay has teamed up with a debut director.

“I feel comfortable working with newcomers and they’re willing to experiment. They come up with out-of-the-box ideas and such things really excite me. I also see it as an opportunity to introduce new talent to the industry,” he said.

Talking about “Saithan”, which is directed by Pradeep Krishnamurthy, Vijay said, “I’m confident about the film as I found it to be very interesting when I heard the script. It’s based on a popular novel by writer Sujatha.”

“Saithan” has also been dubbed in Telugu and released as “Bethaludu”.


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