My music directors are my awards: Sukhwinder Singh

National Award winning singer Sukhwinder Singh says though he won many prestigious awards, he values music directors more than just the trophies.

“My music directors are bigger awards for me than the trophy. Winning award is a reward for me that comes with a great song. I do not create them but music director does. So, for me, they are my awards,” Singh told IANS here in an interview.

The 62-year-old singer added: “Whether it is Filmfare Best Male Playback Award for ‘Chaiyaa Chaiyaa’, ‘Haule Haule’, National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for ‘Bismil’ and ‘Jai ho’, all credit goes to music directors and composers. They created such magic songs!”

“Jai Ho” is one of the songs, composed by A. R. Rahman and sung by him that won an Oscar. Though initially Singh and Rahman planned to perform together on the occasion, it did not materialise.

Asked if there is any regret that he has for not performing at the Oscar ceremony, he said, “Yes, there was a momentary upsetness but I am not carrying any baggage of bitterness. In fact, why should I’ Rahman launched me and gave me the opportunity to sing a song that has got so much mileage. How could I ignore all that and just hold on to a small incident’ I think I am talking about it today after seven years just to answer your question.”

The singer collaborated with Rahman from the beginning of his musical journey in Bollywood and delivered hits like “Ruth Aa Gayee Re”, “Ramta Jogi”, “Main Albeli”, ” Ghanana Ghanan”, ” Mitwa” to name a few apart from the iconic “Chaiyaa Chaiyaa” and “Jai Ho”.

Singh says the best way to promote a song is by singing it well.

“The best way to promote a song is to sing it well. Rest will fall in place. I think new age singers are focusing on overall package so much that they are missing the core factor. As a singer your focus should be on the song, the best gift you can give to your music directors and listeners is a soulful rendition of the song that you have got to sing,”he said.

Asked about new age singers, he said: ‘I think there are some distinct voices are coming in and some female singers are amazing. Sorry, I am bad with names, so I cannot take one.”

So, what is the tip that he would like to give to all the budding singers’

“Sing it from your heart and internalize the song before delivering the rendition. Do not just sing it from your throat, because your throat might get an infection, your heart won’t!” smiled Sukhwinder.


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