My work depicts silence rather than chaos: Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh

Ace fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh says that his usage of minimalistic colours in his creation was because his work depicts “silence”.

Born and brought up in Rajasthan, Singh is one of the fashion designers who uses white in an interesting fashion — which is opposite of general perception of Rajasthani culture. “I have grown up seeing the streets of desert where people wear white clothes rather than colours, mostly.

“So my usage of colour in my work is a bit different. I work in silence rather than chaos,” Singh told IANS in a phone interview.

Asking about his upcoming work which will be showcased at the Van Heusen and GQ Fashion Nights 2016, he said: “I am working on fabrics for my upcoming collection that I will be presenting with a dash of urban space and current issue.”

He said that it was an exciting phase for menswear in Indian fashion industry. “Everyone is open to experiment, incorporating traditional elements in their modern style and presenting them with confidence,” Singh said.

Talking of social changes being reflected on fashion ramps — actress Kareena Kapoor Khan flaunted her baby bump in one show — Singh said: “Fashion designers also express their opinion through their work. Our industry has done such socio-thematic work on fashion earlier as well, and I think it’s a continuation of the same.”

On use of star power for his collection, the designer said it was always good to have a celebrity or star to convey an idea to the people. “But my definition of celebrity is different. They may or may not be Bollywood celebrities. They have to have a personality to convey the theme. The personality matters to me,” Singh said.

The fashion show will take place at Taj Lands End here on December 3 and 4.


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