New web series promises taste of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films

The makers of new web series “Gote Jam” found inspiration for it in films by the late Hrishikesh Mukherjee, known for his light-hearted comic dramas.

“Gote Jam” producer G.K. Desai told IANS: “There was a huge gap of content for the youth in this country. So we decided to make a story on four guys who are on their verge of puberty and they are trying to discover everything. We then zeroed in on Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s humour and we saw all his films again.”

“We noticed that his films had timeless humour and people enjoyed watching it with the family. So, our web series is inspired from Hrishikesh’s film,” he added.

“Gote Jam” is more of a realistic look at adolescent life. It incorporates Mukherjee’s style of storytelling about youth from the middle class, lower middle class and the teenagers from the lowest common denominator as well.

‘Gote Jaam’ is a popular slang terms which means that one is in a mess.

Desai says he has taken complete advantage of the web platform and has made his offering bold.

“I have taken complete freedom of what the internet offers us. The youth will be seen discussing everything randomly and openly without a sense of embarrassment.”

The first episode of the web series will be launched by January 2017.

Desai, under his banner Kiran Film Ventures, has joined hands with Sanjay Reddy of Silly Monks Entertainment Private Limited to co-produce “Gote Jam”.

The series, directed by AJ, features Piyush Shinde, Kartik M.Sharma, Chetan Pawar and Pratik Yadav.


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