Not interested in doing sequels: KV Anand on ‘Ayan 2’

Cinematographer-filmmaker KV Anand says he is not too keen on making sequels and has quashed rumours that hinted his next film could be a sequel to his highly successful 2009 Tamil action-thriller “Ayan”.

“I’m not interested in doing sequels. Even if I have to do one, I’d do very different like ‘Kavan’. Right now, I have no such plans and my next film is definitely not ‘Ayan 2’. I’m working on something new but it’s too early to divulge more details,” Anand told IANS.

“Kavan”, released earlier this year, was a different take on Anand’s own film “Ko”.

The rumour about “Ayan 2” made the rounds after the writer Suresh of the duo SuBa hinted via Twitter.

“Two movies people frequently asked our team to do sequel to the original: ‘Ko’ and ‘Ayan’. ‘Kavan’ was somewhat KO’s sequel,” Suresh tweeted on Thursday