One-take challenging in virtual reality web series: Aditya Kumar

Actor Aditya Kumar, who is set to feature in a virtual reality web series with actors Aman Uppal and Vijay Varma, says it is challenging to shoot one-take acts for such platforms.

The web series has been written and directed by Sumit Saxena.

“This is a completely new experience for me so I was very anxious about how it will turn out. I have had no experience of shooting in VR (Virtual Reality) before this and had only seen the 360 degree ‘Janam Janam’ video and the VR equipment before I started this shoot and I found it very cool. Virtual reality is a treat to watch and experience,” Aditya said in a statement.

“The major difference in shooting for 2D and shooting for VR is the fact that we have to do a one-take act because the viewers can see us from any angle they choose to. We were quite nervous because we did scenes as long as 12 minutes in one take but it was a beautiful experience and it increased our confidence. I’m really looking forward to the reactions from the audiences,” he added.

The series, which is currently being filmed, talks about four friends who are reuniting in Goa after a long period of time, read a statement.

The web series will also have actress Patralekha.

The three actors will be essaying laid back, fresh young characters and will also be shooting with Virtual Reality technology for the first time.


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