Only time will tell if Weinstein has made progress in therapy: Psychologist

Producer Harvey Weinstein’s psychologist says only time will tell if he has made progress in therapy.

Weinstein, 65, is set to finish out-patient sessions in Arizona on Saturday after sources claimed he was to be treated for sex addiction following the allegations that he sexually harassed over 40 women in a 30-year period, reports

His psychologist, who has refused to be named, that Weinstein has taken the “intense therapy” treatment sessions “seriously”, and when asked whether he has made progress since entering therapy a week ago, the medical expert responded: “Time will tell.”

According to the publication, Weinstein “was able to focus on his therapy despite a ton of distractions. He showed up for all the meetings and was fully engaged,” and squashed early reports that suggested Weinstein was angry at the allegations and was “spinning out of control”, insisting they were “not true”.

However, the psychologist admitted that Weinstein’s medical team had addressed the producer’s “anger”.


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