Opportunities for rappers increasing in Bollywood: Badshah

Popular Indian rapper Badshah who delivered chartbusters like “Saturday Saturday”, “Kaala chashma”, “Baby ko bass pasand hai” to name a few, says opportunities for rappers are increasing in Bollywood music.

“I think opportunities for rappers are increasing in Bollywood and it is a good sign. Earlier in our country, rapping was not considered as a proper art form, as it is not a song. But now, incorporation of rap in Bollywood songs, is giving rappers a chance to show their talent and it is coming to the mainstream,” Badshah told IANS here.

Badshah will be judging an upcoming music reality show named “Dil Hai Hindustani” on Star Plus.

Talking about his association with the show, he said: “There are three participants who are rappers. So I think this is a sign how rapping is coming to the mainstream. We will get to see some new talent with their new perspective on rapping. I am quite excited to watch them perform.”

“Dil Hai Hindustani” is picking participants from across the globe to celebrate Hindi songs of multiple genres.

When asked about the popularity of Bollywood songs among global listeners, Badshah said: “Hindi film songs are the best of everything — whether it is lyrics, melody and talented singers. Our music is respected throughout the world. If I talk about recent times, I went to Malaysia to perform and people asked me to sing ‘Tum hi ho…’.

“There, you see our reach to the global audience, and being a Bollywood musician, it was a moment of pride for me.”

Badshah is not only judging “Dil Hai Hindustani”, but also trying to develop a personal connect with all participants of the show. He went through most of the life stories of the performers.

“Once you know the background of an individual, you can connect better with his or her music,” he said.

“After a level, it is not just your talent, but your story too that makes you special. Look at me… I am an engineer turned rapper. I think if you are a talented person, your story makes you a bigger star rather than the art. Working on your craft for betterment is a lifetime process that goes on… It continues. For me, the story is the ‘X-factor’,” said the rapper.


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