‘Our Gang’ actor Leonard Landy dead

Actor Leonard Landy, best known for his work as one of the Little Rascals on “Our Gang”, is dead. He was 84.

Recognised for his freckled face and big ears, Landy appeared in “Our Gang” comedy shorts, debuting in “Feed ‘Em and Weep” in 1938 and culminating with “Fightin’ Fools” in 1941, reports variety.com.

“Our Gang”, a series of comedy short films about a group of poor neighbourhood children and their adventures, began in 1922 as a series of silent shorts and they were created with sound in 1929. Landy was known for watching the action with an occasional one liner.

In the 1950s, the comedy series were syndicated for television and re-titled “The Little Rascals”.

In total, “Our Gang” featured over 41 child actors. Actors from the series who are still living include Lassie Lou Ahern, Robert Blake, Margaret Kerry, Sidney Kibrick and Mildred Kornman.

He is survived by his wife and two children.


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