Palak finds it funny to play Avika’s younger sister

Actress Palak Jain, 24, says it is funny to play Avika Gor’s little sister in “Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani” as the “Balika Vadhu” star is younger to her in real life.

The Colors show will feature Avika as Anushka, who is the elder sister of Janvi, played by Palak.

“This (age) was the first thing we spoke about. I asked her (Avika) ‘How do I call you didi’ You are four-five years younger to me.’ It is funny. She looks elder to me though,” Palak told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

“I wonder when will I grow older, when will my chubby face go away and when will I look like a 24-year-old. But I take it in a positive way. This way I can be in the industry for longer,” she added.

Does she get bullied on the sets’

“No. She (Avika) is damn sweet. We are almost of the same generation. Our bond is gradually getting stronger. We have similar thinking so, it going good so far,” said Palak.

On her character, she said: “She is the one who respects and loves both (Anushka and Ammaji) of them. They often have cute arguments and my character gets stuck between them. She is the one who looks up to her elder sister as she fights for justice without getting scared.”

In the promos of the show, which is the second season of “Na Ana Iss Des Laado”, Anushka and Ammaji are seen standing near a pyre and crying. Does that mean Janvi gets killed off’

“That you will have to see. That’s a suspense. I can’t tell you who is dying,” she said and added that she will be part of the show “forever types”.

“Laado…” is about women empowerment and crime against women, she shared.

“Those will be highlighted. It’s reflecting our real society so that we can learn something,” she said.

Does she think television shows can bring changes in the society’

“Absolutely because everyone watches TV. It does matter what you portray. When you watch videos, it stays in your mind for a longer time rather than reading about something. Visuals have more impact. The show has entertainment along with a message,” she said.