Paul Blackthorne cancels date with Delhi

Actor Paul Blackthorne, who plays detective Quentin Lance in the American TV show “Arrow”, is “so sorry” as he won’t be able to attend the Delhi Comic Con later this month.

Blackthorne, who starred in the Bollywood film “Lagaan” as Captain Russell, shared the news via a post on Facebook on Tuesday.

“Delhi, Delhi, Delhi. I am so sorry that I can’t be with you for the convention this weekend,” he said in the video shot at the set of “Arrow”.

He is also joined by his co-star David Ramsey, who on Blackthorne’s request said: “Paul Blackthorne can’t get to Delhi this time. But he will see you next time.”

Jatin Varma, founder, Comic Con India, which hosts pop-culture conventions in India, said in a statement that it is unfortunate that Blackthorne isn’t able to join them this weekend in Delhi.

“His schedule had been booked months back in the summer and he was extremely excited to come back to India. However, pinning down an active shooting schedule sometimes ends up being very difficult. And due to back-to-back shoots, he had to cancel. He sends his regards for all his fans here and hopes to attend one of our other shows in the near future,” added Varma.


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