Paul Young consumed Rohypnol to wind down after concerts

Singer Paul Young has said that he used to take Rohypnol to wind down after concerts, before it was banned.

“When I perform I still feel quite youthful, about 35, but it’s very different from back in the day. Then, if I was playing to 10,000 people, the adrenaline level was so high it took me a long time to wind down after a show. I would get slightly pissed, and if that didn’t work I would drop a sleeping tablet,” Young told

“I used to have Rohypnol. If you took half a tablet you slept for exactly four hours, if you took a whole tablet you slept for exactly eight hours.

“But it got banned because it became known as a date rape drug. I’m still on a real high after being on stage, but these days I will have a couple of glasses of wine and I’ll be ready for bed,” he added.

The 61-year-old singer will reunite with stars including Martika, Toyah and China Crisis for the ’80s Invasion Tour’ and while he genuinely loves performing for his fans, he also said that he tours for the cash.

He said: “I love touring and being on the road, I’ve done it for so long it’s part of who I am. But I do it for the money too, not just the love. You don’t make money from making a record these days, you have to tour. I always need more spare cash!”


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