Polonix, Mates join hands for ‘Finders Keepers’ release

After releasing the Hollywood film “A Last Conjuring” in India, Mates Entertainment, a film distribution, marketing and productions company, is now set to release “Finders Keepers”, in association with Polonix Media and Entertainment.

Kamlesh Sahum, the Director of Polonix Media and Entertainment, stated on Monday that this is the beginning with Jayveer Panghaal (Director Mates Entertainment): “We have some big plans together coming soon. This film is a full-on commercial film.”

An Indo-African film “Finders Keepers” is a complete comedy with renowned Standup Comedian Dalin Oliver.

Anil Kabra from India e-commerce Ltd will distribute the film along with Mates Entertainment Pan India.

Scripted by Strini Pillai and directed by Maynard Kraak, the film will hit the cinemas on November 24.


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