Priya Anand likes a role that makes her feel insecure

Actress Priya Anand says she doesn’t like to get too comfortable playing a certain kind of roles. Instead, she says she would like to do roles — irrespective of the language and industry — that make her feel insecure.

Ahead of the release of her forthcoming Tamil film “Kootathil Oruthan” on Friday, she said: “I like to surprise audiences with different kind of roles”.

“Audiences know what to expect from me when they see my name on screen. I want to change that perception and I can only do that if I don’t get too comfortable doing similar roles. I want to do roles that make me feel insecure,” Priya told IANS.

The actress, who has featured in Hindi films like “English Vinglish” and “Fukrey”, wants roles that challenge her.

“I like to take up roles that make me wonder if I can do them. As much as challenging they might be, there’s an element of excitement in them and that’s what I seek,” she said.

Talking about “Kootathil Oruthan”, in which she has teamed up with Ashok Selvan, she said it’s a “moving story about the under-achiever”.

“We are always bothered about the underdogs and the successful people. Nobody wants to talk about the under-achievers, about the average Joe. This story will easily strike a chord with audiences because it’s easily relatable,” she said.


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