Rihanna, Prince Harry take HIV tests together

Prince Harry, the grandson of Great Britain’s longest-reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II, and singer Rihanna volunteered for HIV tests together to mark World AIDS Day on December 1.

Rihanna and Prince Harry met at Men Aware event here to encourage men to get tested because they are at significantly higher risk. After they waited for several minutes, their results came back negative, reports aceshowbiz.com.

Prince Harry was in the country on behalf of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth to help celebrate Barbados’s 50th Independence Day anniversary. He winced when his finger was pricked with a needle.

“You made it seem like it hurts. It’s not as painful as you said this morning,” Rihanna joked when it was her turn to get her blood taken.

It was not Prince Harry’s first HIV test. He was also tested in London earlier this year.

He said: “It is amazing how quick it is. So, whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black or white — even ginger — why wouldn’t you come and have a test'”


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