Sibling duo develops first-of-its-kind customised map of city bus routes

A Delhi-based sibling duo initially created a map of 100 bus routes in the city. They are now in the process of developing customised maps for individual bus shelters to facilitate commuters by providing details, routes and frequency of buses passing from a particular bus stop, in addition to details of the neighbouring areas.

Architect Sudipto Ghosh, along with his sister and graphic designer Shimonti Sinha, working with City Wise — a Delhi based design and mapping firm — started the pro bono project about two years ago aiming to improve the experience of the commuters.

The Integrated Transit Map is uniquely designed for each bus stop and comprises a visual cognitive map of all bus routes passing a particular bus stop. The Delhi Metro network and other key landmarks have also been overlaid on the map.

“We wish to see Delhi as an international city. Every international city has a transit map, which facilitates not only the residents but also the tourists. Delhi does not have any such map and people are dependent on others for information,” Sinha told IANS.

“In order to promote the public transport, we have to provide basic information to the people,” she said.

Asked how relevant the map would be in comparison with those that exist, she said: “On Google Map, you can only plan your journey from one point to another. It is more for a point-to-point journey. But with our map, you can locate yourself and also see the other areas around it. You know the direction where you are heading to.”

The map of 100 most frequent routes of the city — any route where buses were stopping at an interval of 15 minutes or less was completed last year after they had worked on it for a year.

The map, currently put on display at the Delhi Secretariat bus stop on Vikas Marg, includes the routes of all public buses except the DMRC-run ones.

“The map of 100 routes was published by the DTDC for the use of the general public, based on which the Delhi government asked us to design a customised bus-stop specific route map. It took us another six months,” Ghosh said.

“We want all the bus stops to have this map so that our future generation will not be scared of travelling in buses. There are so many buses and such maps will facilitate the travellers.”

They have an idea of making these maps available online in future.

“This is a pro bono activity and as we will get the funds and support of the government, we will try to improve this further,” they said.

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