Simple steps to maintain you silver, jewellery

Silver objects tarnish easily and develop stains and scratches. Avoid wrapping your silver in plastic bags and polish it with a toothpaste, says an expert.

Preeti Sogani, Managing Director at Sogani Jewellers, shared a few tips:

* Clean your silver using soft, dry cloth without using any chemical, acid or acetone. Avoid polishing as it may remove protective lacquering.

* Do not keep your silver in extreme heat and avoid wrapping it in plastic bags as it may cause dampness which speeds up tarnishing.

* As silver is a soft metal, it should be handled with care. Avoid improper handling and wear gloves while cleaning the precious metal to avoid abrasion.

* Store in a clean, dry place preferably on a butter paper or soft white cloth.

* Do you know that toothpaste can clean tarnish’ Apply a small amount of paste on the silver, run it under warm water and make a foam that will remove the stubborn stains and dirt from the intricate parts. Use only a soft-bristled toothpaste.

* A mixture of a teaspoon salt in white vinegar if applied on the silver jewellery results in the much-needed shine and lustre. Give a final touch by polishing it with a soft fabric.

* Rub a paste of baking soda with warm water on silver, rinse it with warm water and polish with a dry soft cloth. You can directly sprinkle baking soda on the silver to remove the stubborn tarnish.

* White salt can work wonders for silver. In a pan, place an aluminium foil at the bottom and add water (2-3 inches), salt. Bring the mixture to a boil and add silver items; immerse silver items completely in the liquid and dry and buff with a soft cloth.


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