Six must-haves for kids’ winter wardrobe

Go for hoodies, sweaters and beanies while dressing your child during winter, says an expert.

Mohita Indrayan, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of 612 League, has shared six must-haves in your pre-teen’s wardrobe.

* Comfort runs in jeans: They not only protect your children from the harsh winter, but also provide comfort and flexibility as they need to play around all day. Mix them up this season with some good boots and amp-up your child’s fashion quotient.

* Leggings and tracks: Available for both boys and girls in woollen fabrics in a variety of colours. Legging, tights and joggers make the best clothing choice for your kid. They provide flexibility and are perfect for children who prefer lighter fabrics along with warmth and comfort.

* Hoodies and sweaters: Winter is all about layering but if done too much it can irritate your child. Sweaters work best if your child loves to play around and prefers something more flexible and comfortable.

* Beanie and caps: Beanies don’t just up the level of adorability, but also shield children from cold weather. With the endless colour and design options, you can’t be satisfied with just one.

* Sock it up: Don’t forget to add them to your list as they protect your child’s feet from dirt as well as shoe bites. Buy them in cute cartoon character, flower pattern, pop colours, ankle-length, and knee-length.

* Boots: Stylish yet comfortable, boots should always make it to the winter must-have list of your pre-teens. The best part is they are available in various materials and length — be it leather, suede, gumboots or ankle-length, and knee-length. Ditch the regular black and brown and pick from a variety of pop colours like red, yellow, and white.


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