Stephanie Pratt ‘fought’ jewellery partner over chokers

TV star Stephanie Pratt “fought” her jewellery partner to include a choker in her MeMe London accessories line.

“And me and my jewellery partner, Andraya, we’ve got MeMe London and we just actually did QVC, and now we’re breaking into America, we’re in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, so that’s been so much fun to design also. I actually fought her on this. I wanted to do chokers and she was like ‘No no no, it’s a fad it’ll be gone’,” Pratt told Bang Showbiz, reports

“So finally I convinced her. They are so cute,” she added.

The “Made In Chelsea” star also wants to expand the capsule to include a children’s line for the brand.

“Well that’s we just had our second birthday last month, so we’re going to continue doing that, and we just got a men’s line that’s not as big as women’s. But I really want to do kids because my nieces and nephew are always taking my sister’s stuff and trying to wear them. So I really want to do this,” she said.

Pratt even wants to venture into skin care in the New Year.

“Well, I just launched a nutrition company, so it’s everything I can’t find in Los Angeles and then ClaireaBella, and I basically used to take twelve vitamins a day and now I just combine them, so it’s one capsule, and there’s one for skin… That’s what I swear by.

“So I would love to do more into skin care, like through this with fitness and mind,” she said.


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