Style ideas for pre-wedding shoot

Plan to get yourself clicked before the big day’ Pay attention to colours, fit and cut of your and your partner’s outfits to get the moment right.

Meha Bhargava, wedding stylist and founder of, which provides styling services, and Abhilov Khandelwal, stylist, Zankyou Weddings, a wedding portal, have a few tips:

* Before choosing your wardrobe for the photo-shoot, meet the stylist and the photographer. Make sure that your outfit, the chosen theme and the location are in sync.

* Pay attention to the colours you choose for your outfit. They should neither clash nor blend in with the background. Let you and your partner shine through in the pictures.

* The fitting and cut of the garments are extremely important. While baggy and loose garments might make you look sloppy, clothes that are too tight will make you feel uncomfortable and might show some unsightly bulges.

* One of the most important factors to consider while deciding what to wear for your pre-wedding shoot is the weather. The lighting, comfort and demands of the season tend to dictate what would look best on the day.

* While short summer dresses, maxis, suits and skirts in refreshing colours might look good in summer, anarkali gowns and saris look beautiful in the monsoon. Autumn and winter seasons call for gowns, short party dresses, and lehengas.

* It’s a good idea to wear colours that complement instead of matching clothes that might rob the pictures of class. Complementing colours tend to bring out the grace and contours tastefully.

* Accessories like scarves, hats and flowers can bring out joyful elements in a composition. It is important, however, to not over-accessorise it. When chosen wisely, the accessories can help the visuals bloom and bring in a unique class. The accessories can also be quite smartly used as props which make the photos look more natural.

* An attire is incomplete without shoes that accentuate the whole look. Choosing the shoes well is extremely important as clashing looks can destroy the whole ensemble. Comfort is an all important factor too while choosing the right footwear. Heels look great but wear them only if you are comfortable in them.


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