With stars like Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Lee Byung-hun and Vincent D’Onofrio, “The Magnificent Seven” has a diverse cast. But director Antoine Fuqua says he doesnt have any preconceived ideas in his mind while casting.

He said he doesn’t think that he will cast a “Mexican or an Indian” for a particular role.

“I just wanted to just make the world the way I see the world, which is diverse. He’s a great actor and when you see him in the movie, he’s fantastic. And I never thought about any of them as Black or Native American or Asian or anything. They’re just my actors,” Fuqua said here.

He added: “People say it more to me than I actually really thought about it. I was too busy trying to get Lee Byung-hun’s name right.”

“The Magnificent Seven” is a remake of the 1960 classic, which itself is a remake of the legendary 1954 Japanese film “The Seven Samurai”. The film released in India on Friday. The press event was organised by Sony Pictures Entertainment here.

The director said that “he didn’t think about it as, ‘I’m going to have a Mexican, I’m going to have an Indian.” I really didn’t.”