Tamil film industry salutes Cho

From actress Shruti Haasan to actor R. Madhavan, the Tamil film industry on Wednesday expressed shock over the death of the legendary journalist and actor Cho Ramaswamy.

On her Twitter page, Shruti wrote: “Deeply saddened to hear that we have lost Cho Sir – a great mind and thinker. May his soul rest in peace.”

Filmmaker Aishwarya Dhanush wrote: “Memories of your witty humour and the most intelligent discussions we’ve had on many topics will remain etched in my heart forever.”

Calling Cho a “learned and intelligent man of the sharpest wit and humour”, R. Madhavan said he was “awesome on stage and unforgettable in films”.

Actor Siddharth wrote: “Cho Ramaswamy. Satirist and political commentator for the ages. Brilliant wit. Wisdom laced with mischief. Great man.”

Actor Vishal tweeted: “It’s another loss to the film industry and our society. Big fan of his speeches.”

Cho, who died at age 82, is best known for working in films such as “Nirai Kudam”, “Galatta Kalyanam” and “En Annan”.

Having adorned many hats apart from acting, he was also the founder and editor of Thuglak magazine — and a lawyer too.

He was also a director and dialogue writer.

He directed five films which includes the popular Tamil political satire, “Mohammed Bin Thuglak”, apart from “Mr Sampath” and “Sambo Siva Samboo”.


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